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How To Host An Amazing Birthday Casino Party?

How To Host An Amazing Birthday Casino Party

How To Host An Amazing Birthday Casino Party?

Want to share an exceptional Birthday Casino Party with your friends and family, but you lack inspiration for a successful atmosphere? We looked for all the good ideas that will allow you to make an evening around the game, luck and chance, on the theme of the casino.

Make sure to do things right! Here are all our best tips to play and thwart all night, with all your friends, from the atmosphere to your outfit, through the activities and invitations.

Choose your mood

The casino, yes, but which one? Indeed, you can choose from dozens of styles of decorations palaces. The first thing to decide is the place: once you have chosen between a room to rent and at home, go look at photos and blogs showing you the different styles possible.

If you are more connected to Las Vegas, you can go to Luxor(so a rather “pharaoh” atmosphere) at Caesar’s Palace (with a universe centered on Roman antiquity American style).

You can also be charmed by the more elegant decorations of the casinos. To imitate the luxury of European casinos, take inspiration from the slightly nineteenth-century decoration: candlesticks, green plants and velvet cushions.

On the other hand, if you choose to reproduce the American palaces, do not hesitate to be more flashy. In short, do not stop at anything: golden goblets, wigs, extravagant lighting, neon lights. it’s up to you!


If you are still undecided, why not set an era instead of a place? Choose the American-style fifties, the decade that saw the construction of the famous Las Vegas sign (above), or go straight into the future. Finally, the last trick that will not fail to be successful is to draw inspiration from films around the world of the game.

Thus, “The Godfather II” or “Casino Royale” are excellent choices. Indulge yourself and be in agreement with the decoration of the place of the Birthday Casino Party. Thus, you will be able, without much effort, to reconstitute a real casino room and to please your guests with amazing Casino Party Supplies in San Francisco

The Birthday Casino Party Invitation

Now that you have selected your mood, you can set up a guest list and invite them for the famous evening. Prefer one evening at the end of the week, about a month in advance. Earlier, and people will forget their commitment. Later they will already be caught! You have several choices for the invitation:

  • Digital invitations: most often free, they are infinitely customizable and allow you to organize your list more easily. In addition, you can easily add multimedia content that will enrich the invitation! So, why not make a mini-movie? Nothing is easier with the countless apps for photo and video editing. If you want to keep it simple, an invitation via Facebook will do the trick.
  • Paper invitations: more expensive, but they are very popular today because they are much rarer. Now, you know, nothing is more pleasing than receiving a handwritten letter in the middle of invariable bills. So, this is an opportunity to get your family on their feet and make your own cards. Stencils, patterns, sequins, collages, origami. Do not hesitate to seduce your guests and display completely. For example, we recommend making cards. in the form of casino chips or joker card games. Look at the vintage maps, which are pretty inspiring.

The menu and decoration

It is essential to organize the space so that your guests can enjoy all the activities while being able to eat, drink, dance, etc. Thus, we advise you to organize a buffet, again inspired by your main theme of Birthday Casino Party. We love the idea of ​​a futuristic dinner drink! Add a little nitrogen ice cream and some original ice cubes, you will transform your space of relaxation in the antechamber of the years 3000.

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Casino Party Equipment For Birthday Parties

Whether its your home or any venue, we at BAM Casino Party Rentals ensure the best deals for you. Your birthday comes once a year but we make it for years to remember with our awesome services and chilled attitude. We provide full size casino gaming tables, (blackjack, roulette, craps and more) to set a high quality event that is perfect for any occasion. Just try being a good host and let your guests enjoy all the casino party madness.

Casino Themed Birthday Party supplies & rental equipment includes:

  • Craps table
  • Roulette table
  • Pai Gow Table
  • Texas Hold’em Table
  • Prize Wheel
  • Blackjack Table
  • Casino Props

So, yes get your guests raving for your next birthday party in bay area and groove up to the beats with all time favorites.

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The Birthday Casino Party Decoration

A bar and drinks area is essential, especially for a casino night. You can buy fancy glasses or rent them, to distribute to your guests delicious martinis, worthy of those of James Bond, or scented champagnes, as in the most beautiful American palaces. If you want to spoil your guests, a butler can take care of the drinks: you decide in advance of delicious cocktails, according to your menu.

For the latter, prefer simple snacks to taste, so that everyone can play and peck, and try decorations “casinos”. This is the time to let go and propose the craziest ideas (especially for fans of the city of Nevada): print images inspired by the casinos and stick them on the wall.

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The organization of the evening

Now that your place is ready, it’s about organizing several play spaces. Indeed, it is wise to optimize the space to have the most varied activities. First and foremost, think about the motto of your party. It is better to have a night without real money: why not print your own tickets? This will be a great memory, and the winner of the evening will be able to win a prize you have found.

The room can be dedicated to guest coats, and the kitchen, to serve as a buffet and bar area, where you will have your casino creations. A very good idea is to install a casino table. You can get one for the evening, or more simply, buy the accessories and cover your dining room table. Thus, green carpet, wheels, cards and chips are essential.

As for the TV area, there are video games around the casino. Kids, seasoned players and shy guests can get together around the controls. You can also choose to organize a quieter place to stream live games for your guests to watch live tournaments. It’s relaxing and very fun. As for you, you have optimized your space.

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It’s time to choose your most beautiful outfit, from the roaring twenties and the James Bond tuxedo. Here again, everything is allowed. Do not forget, it’s about making you happy and having an unforgettable time!

You can even hire BAM Casino Party Rentals, who will take charge of the whole evening. However, be careful to vary the pleasures and try different types of games, so your guests do not get tired.

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