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10 Casino Theme Party Favors & Gift Ideas For Casino Lovers

casino party Personalized Cards

10 Casino Theme Party Favors & Gift Ideas For Casino Lovers

As long as we are creating beautiful memories, we are living a life. We must quote it that the presence of your dear ones in the party can do wonders but nowadays, casino parties and arranging casino nights are in high demand.

So, if you are planning to set a perfect party for your birthdays, anniversaries, bachelorette, get-togethers, and more we are there to assist you.

BAM Casino Party Rentals provides you different ideas related to casino themed party, casino games, casino gifts and lot more for your dear ones.

If you are planning to have having a casino party in San Francisco and want to give gifts to each of your guests then we can help you with the same. These Casino Party Favors & Gift Ideas are ideal reinforcement for the casino enthusiasts.

You can easily choose from a number of gifts and select the best ones for each game or just gift it as a return gift.


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Be it a small bachelorette party or a big get-together party we have best for you. The types of party that BAM Casino Party Rentals organize are:

  • House parties
  • Corporate parties
  • Trade shows
  • Bachelor parties
  • Social parties
  • Private parties
  • Small events
  • Large events
  • Fun games
  • Family Reunions
  • Grad Nights
  • Prom parties
  • Retirement parties
  • Poker nights
  • Casino parties
  • Client appreciation
  • Launch parties
  • Charity events
  • Company parties
  • Adult parties
  • Birthday parties
  • Monte Carlo
  • Wedding events
  • Poker tournaments
  • Bar & Mitzvah
  • Fundraising events
  • Graduation parties

Now, let’s dive into casino party gifts giveaways  for the casino lovers.

1.. Personalized Cards –

If you are casino lover then its obvious that you must be having a deck of cards with you. Let’s be very sure that you have to be very careful while deciding the gifts for your loved ones.

What could be a great idea to gift them? The personalized deck of cards with the photograph on the back can surely impress your guests and this would make a lovely gift for either a female or a male.

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2.. Poker Chip Key Chains –

There are an ample range of products for any poker lover. The metal poker chip key rings can also be a great option as it holds most standard casino chips, and it has an easy to remove top for chip replacement as well.

It can be purchased from the market at a wholesale price or from online stores for gifting purposes so it can turn out to be a relief for your casino funds. A gold or silver poker chip key ring is a great option and can be used as a good luck charm while playing.

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3..Poker chip USB drives –

Poker chip USB drive casino gift

No doubt, that with the technological advancements each and everyone has entered the age of digitalization. Now, Everyone uses USB drives  so why not gift a USB drive to a casino lover that possesses a shape just like a poker chip.

This can be a most useful casino gift as it can store an ample amount of data in it and are easy to carry due to its compact size. Try and opt for the rubber coated ones, as they are waterproof and shock resistant.

4..Gambling  Quotes T-shirts –

 casino Quotes T-shirt

If you in love with a poker or other gambling games then you must like another unique range of t-shirts with a gambling quotes on them. It can be used daily but yes, you won’t find many t-shirts with a gambling message on them be it a positive one or just a negative.

So, the idea is to buy out many plain t-shirts of different colors on a wholesale price and get those t-shirts printed as per the choice of your quotes. Definitely, its the great casino gift ideas for gamblers that turn out to be unique.

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5..Personalized Mugs

Personalized Mugs

Just like cards, t-shirts we have another ideas of presenting a casino gift in a form of personalized mugs. Its an item of a daily use and can be the best to gift in a lower price range.

Get the quotes or pictures printed on the cups. By using different font types and sizes, you can create a cool images on mugs and in this way you will be remembered every time whenever they have a glance at it or use it.

6..Casino Board Game

A game of its kind that can be mostly played in the parties as a board game or can be added to other games like Monopoly. The game can be easily played by its own or can be merged with another game.

It can also be played on its own and is a fast paced game where players can play 21, play slots and hope to hit a combination and so much more casino fun.  This can be a best choice for casino gifts for casino lovers.

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7..Mini Roulette Table

Ohh great choice if you are eyeing on the miniatures that are portable. There are roulette tables that are as small as they can fit into a pocket and yes, we are not kidding.

These are the size of a cigarette case and as soon as you open it, a fully functional roulette table reveals in front of you.

This is a great gifting idea and don’t miss to print out a personalized message onto their cases. The choice of gift can turn out to be the best gambling gift for your loved ones.

8.. A customized gambling basket

It’s a basket actually filled up with a gambling related stuff like anything that is used in a gambling or used by the gamblers or the players are perfectly wrapped into the basket and given a name gambling basket.

This may include cards, dices, scratch cards, lottery tickets and more. You can actually be creative and use your imagination to get the things wrapped as per your guests choices. They will surely love the gift and may boast about it.

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9.. A set of poker chips

Yes, why not gift a set of poker as well. This may be the perfect gift for male players. Every casino lover dreams of a poker chip set so why not gift them something they dream of and really wanted. If there is a little chance of showing extra then yes, why nor get it personalized too.

They look like authentic casino poker chips and it is also possible to personalize them. Buy out the full set that consists of a deck of cards, 250 chips with different colors, and a nice steel case to store them all. Print out his/her picture onto the chips as poker players love to see their face on top of chips.

10..A trip to a casino

This is something really surprising and the most priceless gifts out of all. Let’s admit it if you can easily spend money for your loved ones then why not gift them a trip to a casino and arrange gambling holidays to let them relax.

This present includes you too – You and your buddy can plan a weekend trip where you both can spend a quality time and enjoy your vacations.

While it will cost more than all other options, you can be sure that this trip will be an amazing for both of you. Gamble, eat, drink, have fun – this will be an unforgettable gambling week,we can assure you.

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All the above-discussed points may go a long way so bring up the gaming spirit for the parties that may be played at your home or at your desired places.

Once you find the party theme that fits your vision the most, your casino party planning process that includes gifts as well won’t feel like an extra work.

Create as many memories as you can with your loved ones this season. Pamper yourselves and enjoy each moment like it’s the last.


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