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We have assembled a list of the most common questions our customers ask in order to help you through the planning for your future event.  If you would like to get a quote over the phone do not hesitate to call us at (650) 589-8604, and a Bam Casino Parties consultant can customize a detailed plan based off of your answers to the questions below.  Come give us a call and we can help make your event a great success!

The Basics

  • What is the occasion for the event?
  • How many guests do you anticipate will be attending the event?
  • What date and time of day will your event be happening?
  • Have you chosen a particular venue to host your event?
  • Do you have a particular budget in mind for your event?

What games are available?

Bam Casino Parties gives you a choice from among Craps, Roulette, Blackjack and Poker (Texas Hold’em).  We also have the top specialty games as well. Ask us about our inventory.

How many tables will I need?

Your quote will be based on the number of guests that are attending your party (# of guests) and the playing positions needed to accommodate your guest capacity at your event. We always recommend at least a 1:1 Ratio (1 Playing Position for every guest) or 1:2 Ratio (1 Playing Positions for every 2 guests).

The more guest you have, the more playing positions needed = amount of gaming tables that will be needed for your party.  Of course, if you have a budget in mind then you can use the price quote to either add or subtract gaming tables.

How big are the gaming tables and how many playing positions do they have?

  • Craps – Regulation Craps Table (10′ x 4.0′) (12 – 16 playing positions)
  • Roulette – Roulette Table (8.0′ x 4.0′) (7 playing positions)
  • Blackjack – Blackjack Table (6.5′ x 3.5′) (7 playing positions)
  • Poker – Poker Table (7.0′ x 4.0′) (9 playing positions)

What if my guests do not know how to play the games?

Throughout the evening, your guest will be helped with the games that they may not know or understand by our friendly and professional dealers.  We want to make it fun.  So why not learn how to play without the risk of losing real money?

What about prizes?

When the casino closes, the host usually gives their guest prizes.  Typical prizes include Gift Baskets, Gift Cards, Lottery Tickets, Movie Tickets, and Bottles of Wine or Spirits.

There are 2 ways to give your guests their chances to win:

1)      High Tally – At the end of the night, the dealers count all the chips from all the guests who played and the prizes are given to the top players.  (Usually no more than 5 prizes.)

2)      Raffle Drawing – At the end of the night, the dealers give 1 Raffle ticket for every $100.00 won.  Those tickets are put in a raffle drum and tickets are drawn for the winners.

Afterward, we tear down the casino discreetly, especially if the party is still going on.

Packages Include

  • Delivery
  • All Chips and Accessories
  • Up to 4 Hours of Gaming
  • Instruction on how to Play the Games
  • A Professional Dealing Staff
  • Mini Sound System with Mic (if needed)
  • Raffle Drum

Packages Do Not Include

  • Roll of 2000 Raffle Tickets (if needed)
  • Bridge Tolls
  • Parking  (if there is a fee)
  • Additional Insurance as required by the venue