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Craps Casino Game

One of the best bet games played in the casino is ‘Craps’. If you are new to the game then it may turn out to be hectic and complicated one. The game includes the players to roll the dice, so that they are the ones whether to win or to lose. In craps you yourselves decide your fate as the spinning of the marble is done by you. However, in other games someone else spins the wheel for you or deals with the cards.

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In Craps game, the only player who must place a bet prior to the first roll of the game is the Shooter. Just keep in mind if you want to become shooter then place a bet on the Don’t pass bar or Pass Line. As the dice is passed in the clockwise direction so there may be a case when you have to wait for your turn as a shooter.

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Craps is a multiple or single player betting game that can be explained as a game of rounds where the first roll of a round is known as Come- out- Roll. This round can last longer or shorter as per the number of turns. A player who’s rolling the dice is a shooter. Each player bets on the same roll of the dice, whether they are the shooter or other players.

craps table layout

craps table gaming

Rules of the Game:

  • Shooter must handle the dice with one hand only while throwing the dice.
  • Shooter must make Don’t Pass Line or Pass line bet.
  • Shooter begins the round by rolling the dice to the opposite wall of the table.

The craps game have each round with two phases i.e

  • Come Out – To start with a round of game, a shooter makes one or more Come out rolls. A Come-Out roll of 2,3 and 12 ends the gaming round with the players losing their Pass Line bets. A Come-Out rolls of 7 or 11 results in a win for Pass line bets.
  • Point – A shooter continues to make Come Out rolls till he rolls 4,5,6,8,9 or 10, which number becomes a point.

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Also , there are different wagers for the play. Listed below is the list of different wagers you can place while playing craps.

Craps Rules

  • Pass Line Don’t Pass
  • Come
  • Don’t Come
  • Pass Line Odds
  • Don’t Pass Odds
  • Come Odds
  • Don’t Come Odds
  • Place Lose
  • Buy
  • Lay
  • Big 6
  • Big 8
  • Hardways
  • Field
  • Any 7
  • Any Craps
  • Ace Deuce
  • Aces
  • Boxcar

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