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How Much Does A Casino Party Cost?

Are you planning to have a party in the next coming days? Are you waiting for the casino parties that will mesmerize you with its Vegas style fun and entertainment? You will be glad to know that you can enjoy Vegas-style casino nights without traveling extra miles in San Francisco Bay Area.

Casino Party Cost Estimate

You must be craving for all these memorable experiences with your loved ones. BAM Casino Parties can lift up your mood right. So, there must be a common question in your mind, that what is the cost of casino party? This post offers you with a clear idea about an average cost of casino party in Bay Area.

Rental and entertainment companies offer professional dealers and casino rental equipment to build up a fun filled environment for the corporate events, birthdays, reunions, bachelorettes, fundraiser events and many more.

🙋‍♂️Our most requested table, our 8ft regulation #craps table is the perfect size for a #home or a #company #party. This table with dealers is around $575. (Includes: Delivery, Set up and Tear down, all the chip and accessories and of course #professional_dealers. – On Facebook

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What Is The Cost Of Casino Party? - Casino Party Rental Estimate

Our main goal is to make your event a successful bash that could be remembered by your loved ones for many years. All the hosts, groups and individuals are different with the different needs so we try to get a particular idea for your party and start executing with the same.

How Much Does a Casino Party Cost?How Much Does A Casino Party Cost?

We offer our clients with so many options for their events that there’s probably no exact answer to this question. The event costs generally depend on how many tables we’re providing, which games are selected, venue of the party and the time of year.

Pricing by Location

Casino table pricing is broken down by geographic location. Each area offers a wide selection of casino game tables to choose from.

Holiday Packages

During holiday months, like December, the pricing of each table changes. If you are planning an event near major holidays like Christmas we recommend you contact our staff to verify the availability of our service and get a casino themed party estimate cost.

Still, we would like to offer you with an approx. stats that may vary from a company to company offering their services.

Approx. $900 – $1450 can be assumed as a complete cost for a casino party. It includes :

  • Smaller casino party package : $700 total

It may include 2 casino tables (complete setup), 2 professional dealers, and 4 hours of playing.

  • Midsize casino party package : $1,050-$1,750 total

It may include 3 to 5 casino tables , 4 hours of playing time and casino tables.

  • Large casino party package : $1,950, $3,250

It may include 6 to 10 casino tables, 4 hours of playing time, and casino tables.

For a rough casino party cost estimate, you can CONTACT US. We will assist you with the suitable packages as per your needs, number of guests, rental equipment and the budget.

our 8ft regulation #craps table is the perfect size for a #home or a #company #party. This table with dealers is around $575. (Includes: Delivery, Set up and Tear down, all the chip and accessories and of course #professional_dealers)

casino party cost estimate

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Cost Of Casino Party IncludesWhat Does Cost Of Casino Party Includes?

Casino games are a complete entertainment package for all the age groups. We offer various packages as per our clients need and budget.  Typically, we coordinate with the event host to ensure that your personalized casino is set up before your guests arrival.

The casino party rental cost usually includes:

  • table rentals,
  • casino equipment cost,
  • popular games,
  • dealers who often turn out to be entertainers so that you could enjoy the party.

These professional dealers offer education or the short tutorials to the guests in the party in order to offer a helping hand for the beginners.

Popular games included are:

  • Roulette – Roulette is also called as a zero game that is named after a french word roulette,( means a little wheel). A player chooses to bet for a single or a multiple range of numbers
  • Craps – A dice game where players may wager money against each other or banks, also known as casino craps or table craps.
  • Blackjack – Card games that are played recreationally all around the world. To master the game, it requires self control, luck and undoubtedly the strategy to defeat your opposite party.
  • No Fold Em Hold Em – A heads up card game with only two players. Different rounds of betting go with the gaming.
  • Money wheel – Also called as a Wheel of fortune or Big Six that is usually played on a vertical large wheel with a fixed pointer on the edge.
  • Three card poker – A card game that offers its players to win by letting them bet and providing them with a number of opportunities.
  • Let it Ride – New casino game that is inspired by the traditional poker game but you don’t play against other players.
  • Pai Gow Poker – A variation of Chinese domino pai gow game and is played with a poker combinations.
  • Double Roulette – It is a variation of a traditional game of roulette that basically uses two balls instead of one to get going.

Casino Party Cost Estimate - Rental Casino Tables For PartiesCasino Party Cost Estimate – Rental Casino Tables For Parties


For 20 – 30 people
No Of Tables – 1 Blackjack table – Roulette table – Poker Table

Approx Area Required– 250-300 sq/Ft

For 30 – 50 people
No Of Tables – 2 Blackjack tables – Roulette table- Poker table

Approx Area Required– 550-650 sq/Ft

For 45 – 60 people
No Of Tables – 1 Crap table – Blackjack table – 1 Roulette table – 1 Poker table

Approx Area Required– 550-650 sq/Ft

For 60 – 75 people:
No Of Tables – 11 Crap Table – 3 Blackjack tables – 1 Roulette table – 1 Poker table

Approx Area Required – 700-750 sq/ft

For 75 – 85 people:
No Of Tables – 1 Crap table – 4 Blackjack tables – 1 Roulette table – 1 Poker table

Approx Area Required  – 700-850 sq/ft

For 85 – 100 people
No Of Tables – 1 Crap table – 5 Blackjack tables – 1 Roulette table – 1 Poker table

Approx Area Required – 850-1000 sq/ft

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How Much Is A Casino Party?Gaming Tables & Their Specifications

7.0' Pokwe (aka Texas Hold'em) Table w/ 9 playing positions Posted 1 day ago


SIZE – 6.5 ft x 3.25 ft x 3 ft

  • Blackjack tables feature folding wooden legs, a padded armrest, a padded wool playing surface, and a built-in chip tray with money slot.


SIZE – 12 ft x 4 ft x 4 ft

  • Craps Tables feature hardwood construction, a casino green playing surface, rail rubber walls, and an accented wooden ridge.


SIZE – 8 ft x 3.5 ft x 2.5 ft

  • POKER tables feature a full set of bumper pads around the table and 10 player positions.


SIZE – 7 ft x 3.25 ft x 3.5 ft

  • The roulette table is ideal for fundraisers or use by clubs and organizations.


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As a company, we are constantly striving hard for the perfection and feel that it’s truly reflected in the quality of our services. There may be lot of companies that boast their supplies or the services but, it’s simply not that easy.

We at BAM casino parties not only offer casino dealers and gaming tables to the events but also offer our guests with a realistic Las Vegas style casino parties.

Our main goal is customer satisfaction and it’s really important to us. We will definitely not retain ourselves  from impressing our clients thus making them happy.

Time duration of casino parties:

We are always open for the proposal made by our clients. We have approximately three hours for the casino, as this may be ideal time but we can surely extend an hour or two as per the clients need.

Let us know for how long you would like to get your gaming action into nerves. We will make it work for you.

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