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How To Host A Perfect Casino Themed Party – A To-Do List

How To Host A Perfect Casino Themed Party – A To-Do List

Want to host a casino themed party for your guests? These parties definitely mean lots of fun and a source of entertainment for each and everyone present in your event.

There’s no doubt that planning, managing and executing the entire idea of a fun themed party is a bit tricky job and you would definitely desire to impress your guests with the same customized ideas.

So, there is no need to worry, we at BAM Casino Party Rentals offer our clients who happen to be property owners, corporates with the best they can have in their hands.

With an increasing love towards the casino and casino games, loved ones demand something different and entertaining in the casino parties, so casino themed party is the best choice.

How To Host A Casino Themed Party?

Casino party themes can never go wrong. You can choose from formal or casual one to entertain your loved ones. You can opt for going casual for all the weekly and daily poker nights, poker tournaments or a birthday party. We bring all the glitz of Las Vegas to turn your event into a hugely successful party with the casino themed parties at your desired spaces.

Organizing casino parties for your employees can really spice up your guest’s mood thus, offering an affordable way to experience Vegas fun all night long.

Nowadays, after recognizing the popularity of themed casino nights and casino games, we have stepped out of the mainstream events and are now offering our clients with something that they will love to cherish their entire lifetime.

What type of themed casino parties do we deal in?

Be it a small get together or a large gathering for a wedding we can surely add something for you! Book us for the best party experiences to pamper your friends, family or guests.

These events may include themed parties like:

  • 007 parties
  • James Bond
  • Great Gatsby
  • Bond 007
  • Gatsby
  • Roaring 20’s
  • Speakeasy and more

The parties we serve basically includes:

  • House parties
  • Corporate parties
  • Trade shows
  • Bachelor parties
  • Social parties
  • Private parties
  • Small events
  • Large events
  • Fun games
  • Family Reunions
  • Grad Nights
  • Prom parties
  • Retirement parties
  • Poker nights
  • Casino parties
  • Client appreciation
  • Launch parties and more
  • Charity events
  • Company parties
  • Adult parties
  • Birthday parties
  • Monte Carlo
  • Wedding events
  • Poker tournaments
  • Bar & Mitzvah
  • Fundraising events
  • Graduation parties

Our dealers/croupiers can assist you in the event planning and managing your party without having you to worry about anything in between that can take away your party fun!

Why you should choose a Vegas themed casino party?

It’s a great idea to raise funds. What’s genuinely perfect about it is that we can turn the things into place by raising a complete fundraiser idea into a whole new style. While having fun at a party your guests can offer for a good cause that may be the talk of the town in the recent days.

A To-Do List To Help You Organize A Fun-filled Themed Casino Parties

If you want to organize a fun themed casino party for your guests then we’ve compiled a list of tips that will help you plan this big event and ensure that nothing goes wrong while you are having a fun-filled blast.

The To-Do List is a must not just in case of this themed casino event but in any event. Each and every occasion do require pre planning and post-planning stuff as well with a huge variety of choices to get you confused. But we are there to help you with the best that you can ever wish for.

Don’t Forget To Pre – plan:

Plenty of time is required to pre-plan each and every single bit of the occasion. You need to organize, plan and execute the casino-inspired party so reserve the dealers and space ahead of time.

Your Budget Matters:

A budget may never act as a hindrance to your party. With each and every party you throw for your guests you must be aware of your money management and how much you would love to spend to make your event a perfect one.

Create Guest-List:

Not to forget the list of guests and their taste as well in the ambiance. The budget can be decided as per the number of guests and accommodation in the desired area of your choice after the creation of guests list.

Venue and Time:

Booking the venue and selecting a perfect date can get you more chances to grab awesome deals and discounts as well if you book ahead of time.

Selection of Games:

Discuss a plan with us, we at BAM Casino Party Rentals will assist you with the best popular games and decorations that your guests will be left awestruck by just entering in an amazing environment. We offer a list of games to choose from so that your event be away from boredom.

Casino Gaming Rental Equipment:

To play these casino games you would definitely need a casino gaming rentals so there would be no doubt in it if we say that you have to decide well before the time an entire list of party games.

Invitations well before time:

Inviting your guests is one of the most demanding steps and needs to be performed well before the actual event.

Don’t forget the casino decoration:

The decorations may take your small budget away so try using the best out of waste. Transform gaming tables in a way of casino floor for an authentic casino feel. Using led lights, smoke, music and other themed pops can add an authentic casino touch to your event.  You can also make giant dice and have plenty of other ideas to set everybody’s mood on fire.

Platters and Drinks:

What’s a party without any drinks and food? To keep your guests involved in an entire themed casino party try serving finger foods so that their hands are not engaged often and they can play easily. For food, you can set up a buffet to let your guests have fun.  Beer, punch, and water are great beverages for entertaining casino nights. If you can afford to hire a bartender then we would suggest you buy your alcoholic mixes at the liquor store.

Acknowledgment is necessary:

Most of all ”thank you gift” is a must, so don’t forget to let your guests know that you really care for them.

What are the most popular casino party decoration ideas?

You can choose from a huge range of party ideas that usually include:

  • Red, Black & Green Lights
  • Decks of Cards / Fake Money / Dice
  • Sparkly jewelry
  • Flappers
  • Tuxedos & Suits for the Gents
  • Jazz / The Charleston / The Black Bottom / The Lindy Hop
  • Sparkly attire for the Ladies

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