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10 Types of Photo Booths – Best For Events & Parties

Types of Photo Booths - Best For Events & Parties

10 Types of Photo Booths – Best For Events & Parties


Different Types of Photo Booth

If your birthday or any special event is just around the corner and you have done your share of creative brainstorming, then having a photo booth is a fascinating option.

It is apt for different events such as corporate parties, casino parties, casino fundraiser , birthdays, weddings, prom nights, anniversaries, birthdays and kids parties and baby showers – all you need to adapt them to suit.

If you are still on the lookout for different types of photo booths to choose from, we at BAM Casino Parties have simplified the things for you and assembled a variety of photo booths in bay area, so that you create a world of fun, using them, for all your attendees.

Retro Mirror Photo Booth

Retro Mirror Photo Booth


Topping the list is Retro Mirror Photo Booth. This type of photo booth is the latest rage in social gatherings and will add that WOW factor to your event.

You will have to choose certain options based on which the retro mirror will click your picture once or multiple times. Your attendees can also customize the clicked photos, and you can easily print them on a postcard sized print. You will be handed over your print by our attendant at the end of the event.

Key Features –

  • Sign and Stamp your Photo
  • Full touch screen
  • Amazing animations
  • Full interactive mirror
  • Fun, competitive games
  • Best looking Mirror Booth
  • Photo Filters
  • On screen animations
  • Studio flash

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Mirror Photo Booths

 Retro Mirror Booth


At first glance, it will make you feel like it’s just another mirror, but there is more to it, and this is what makes it different from other photo booths. Usually, this mirror photo booth sports a six-inch full-length mirror, and your attendees can see themselves in.

There is a magic screen behind the two-way mirror. This magic screen flashes different cool animations and will prompt the attendees to think of it as a magic mirror. There is a camera positioned behind the two-way mirror and shoots through it.

Key Features –

  • Take great photos.
  • Sign your name.
  • Digital copies.
  • Full-length mirror.
  • Fully customized prints.
  • Text to phone.
  • Unique props.

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Mirror X Photo Booth


It is the hippest and newest photo booth available out there. Get fun pictures of all your attendees that will provide a memory to cherish for years to come. The photo booth sports 6 feet mirror, with an all-aluminum body it is robustly built, comes with an all-mirror design, and above all flaunt pristine quality with tempered glass. You can also add custom GIF animations, get a chance to choose from a wide variety of green screen backgrounds, or you can use other customizations to enhance your event.

Key Features –

  • Special Reinforced Mirror Glass
  • Canon DSLR Camera
  • High-End PC
  • Embedded Touch Technology
  • Professional Lighting
  • Custom branded colorful photo countdowns
  • Voice Guidance
  • Social Media and Email Sharing
  • Multi-Touch Support
  • High Definition Color Printing
  • Speaker
  • Social Games
  • Gesture and movement detection
  • Strobe Flash
  • Photo signing or colorful and customizable emoji stamps.
  • Screaming Contest
  • Colorful bright animations in mirror user-flow

With Mirror X Photo Booth, the possibilities are endless, and you get to reinvent fun through technology.

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Mirror X Photo Booth


Oval Mirror Photo Booth Bay AreaTower mirror photo booth

These mirror booths embodies the most sought-after features that will cater to any event such as attractive oval shape, latest and powerful software, exciting animations, voice guidance, and much more. With its oval shape, it will easily fit any venue, and it can also host up to 6-7 guests at a time.

Since it has a mirror, your attendees can easily stand at a distance, making it apt for group shots. With an oval photo booth, you have the benefit of a clean and clear curtain background. The pictures will be clicked in a landscape format, offering enhanced flexibility in the print design. Get more info on mirror photo booth rentals in bay area.

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Key Features –

  • Unlimited prints
  • Interactive touch screen
  • DSLR camera
  • Facial recognition
  • Slow-Motion video
  • Social media upload
  • Green Screen Technology
  • Exciting animations
  • Animated sounds
  • Adjustable height
  • Filters and photo effects

Oval Interactive Mirror Booth


GIF Photo Booth


This is one of the most exciting photo booths on the list. A GIF is a short looping video clip of people having fun. This concept has become a rage at weddings, birthdays, corporate events, and fashion launches. The best thing about a GIF photo booth is that it can function without electricity and it is an apt option for outdoor events as well. Your attendees will create amusing GIFs or selfies by themselves.

You enjoy a wide selection of features to include in this exciting photo taking experience.

Key Features –

  • Touchscreen monitor
  • Create short videos
  • Open-air photo booth
  • Photo collage
  • Instantly online through SMS
  • Add animation
  • Enchanting effect

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Virtual Reality (VR) Booth


Virtual reality is an environment of scenes or objects that seem real, an environment generated by computer technology.

The user contemplates these environments through the device known as glasses/virtual reality helmet, which can be accompanied by other complementary devices, such as gloves or special suits, to increase the sense of immersion in the virtual environment.

Key Features –

  • Enhance the experience
  • Unique presentation
  • Protective goggles
  • Virtual elements
  • Speaker
  • Voice Guidance
  • Professional Lighting
  • Green Screen Technology
  • Slow-Motion video
  • Filters and photo effects
  • Show speed

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Slow-Motion Video Photo Booth


Some photographers and videographers have started using a professional camera called RED Epic, which has a super technology that can record 128 frames per second. Imagine: the traditional camera only records 24 photos per second, so the capacity of this camera is so high that it captures every last detail.

This type of video offers excellent possibilities for filming fun moments that will double the fun. To take advantage of the benefits of “slow motion,” you can make dynamic movements, make funny gestures, dance, throw objects, and if you want to give that magic touch, you cannot miss the confetti and glitter.

Key Features –

  • Custom Backdrop
  • Custom Scrapbook
  • Immediate print
  • Glued into your scrapbook
  • Write funny or heartfelt messages
  • Colored sharpies
  • Glitter pens
  • Lasting memory
  • Social Media Sharing
  • External Monitor Display

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360 Degrees Photo Booth


Remember the movie Matrix and its famous scene starring Keanu Reeves, dodging a bullet in slow motion? Now, this is possible with the 360-degree photo booth.

Through an integrated structure with cameras that cover all angles, it is possible to freeze moments like this in 360 degrees in time. This image can also be stored and subsequently shared. As like Virtual Reality Booth, this technology used to be out of reach in terms of budget for most occasions, but new developments have made it more affordable and attractive in the market.

Key Features –

  • Freeze a moment
  • The multi-camera
  • Green Screen
  • Facial recognition
  • Exciting animations
  • Filters and photo effects
  • Animated sounds
  • Adjustable height

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Ring Roamer – Portable Photo Booth


Although it does not involve the same level of technology of the two previous alternatives, this new entry promises to be the new sensation for parties and events of any kind. It is a portable device, with the ability to take high-quality photos in low light places, thanks to its ring of light.

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Key Features –

  • Lightweight shell
  • Studio-grade ring light designed
  • Studio quality pictures
  • Small battery pack
  • Functionality
  • iPad based app
  • Light up social media

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Chalkboard photo booth


If you’ve got the creativity and skills to transform a blank canvas into something that could potentially be the center of attention in your party, this is for you.

Arm yourself with a blackboard and chalks, and start doodling. Put memorable quotes, draw illustrations, or throw some jokes to make it remarkable. Make sure when people see the photos of them in the photo booth, they’ll instantly remember your party.

Start drawing from both of the vertical sides and the top horizontal side. You don’t have to cover every inch of the surface. People will stand in front of it, so it’s okay to leave the center blank. Just make sure the edges are well-decorated.

Key Features –

  • Black chalkboard
  • Speech bubbles
  • Thoughts and exclamations
  • Hilarious memories

If you need more information on Photo Booths, we recommend an excellent website where you will find a budget-friendly variety of designs. They can also make your custom Photo Booth. Visit us today.

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